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What are bespoke exhibition stands?

Bespoke exhibition stands, sometimes known as custom exhibition stands, or traditional exhibition stands are stands that have been created specifically for you and nobody else.

When it comes to visual impact, nothing can beat the appeal of bespoke exhibition stands that have been designed for your company and to your exact needs.

Our professional exhibition stand designers will research your brand and what you want to achieve on your stand. We plan out the space available to guarantee that it works for you at the event. We then get creative, to give you a huge advantage over your competitors. This is what makes bespoke exhibition stands so effective – they give you huge visual impact and get you noticed!

We have decades of combined experience as a bespoke exhibition stand contractor. Our friendly team have built a reputation for quality and attention to detail, and we can deliver your exhibition stand anywhere in the world.

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Bespoke Exhibition Stand

Design Concept

Why you should choose A bespoke exhibition stand

There are lots of reasons that bespoke exhibition stands are a great choice to exhibit at a trade fair or exhibition. The main reason will be the endless possibilities for the design. With the stand being just for you, a bespoke exhibition stand design will make a big visual impact.

As we are a bespoke exhibition stand contractor with a proven track record, another reason for selecting a bespoke exhibition stand is that we do all the hard work for you!

Bespoke exhibition stands in the UK require quite a lot of paperwork, and so all our stands are fully project-managed by our expert team. Part of the process when you have a bespoke exhibition stand design is that there are lots of documents to be sent to the event operations team. These forms include Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Insurance Declarations as well as health and safety forms as well as others. This sounds complex, so it’s a good thing that we do all of this as part of our service.

We offer a turn-key service for any exhibition stand we deliver, so once selected, we do all the hard work with managing the build and install. This means you can focus on the event itself, knowing your stand is being delivered by an expert team.

See some examples of completed work here

benefits of bespoke exhibition stands


Maximise the visual impact of your stand space to increase visitors to your stand


Flexibility for design changes to display new products or services at your event


Bespoke designs can create a special layout to display specific items or tell a story


Designs created to meet your budget, with transparent pricing


Fully integrate your display items and messaging into the stand structure in specific locations


We can design your stand with re-installation in mind. This saves time and money

are bespoke exhibition stands expensive?

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Bespoke Exhibition Stand

Best Practice 2019  NEC 

If you have never ordered a bespoke exhibition stand design before, cost can be a concern. We design all our stands to make sure we respect your budget.

Just like a good architect, we can discuss your brief as well as your budget. We then work with you to advise where to save money as well as the best areas to spend it to make sure that our bespoke exhibition stands always give the best return on investment. We enjoy working like this with customers as we like being able to share our knowledge and experience.

Because we work like a bespoke exhibition contractor should, we can also advise if another exhibition stand option would be better for you, and we have every exhibition stand solution available. This means that whatever you need for your next exhibition or trade fair, we can help.

You don’t always need to have the biggest stand space to stand out from your competitors. One customer who selected us to deliver their exhibition stand uses a 4m x 3m stand space. They are regularly complimented on the look and visual impact of their bespoke exhibition stand design.

As a rule of thumb, our bespoke exhibition stands can cost from approximately £250.00 per square metre   

Bespoke Exhibition Stands. From Concept to Reality

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Bespoke Exhibiton Stands. Initial Concept for client.

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Bespoke Exhibition Stands. Manufactured & Installed.

we are exhibiting in europe, can you still help?

We are a well known bespoke exhibition stand contractor based in the UK, but we don’t only deliver stands in the UK: 

We regularly deliver bespoke exhibition stands throughout Europe. If you need a really large exhibition stand at your next marketing event, we have an amazing logistics partner who transport anywhere globally. This makes life incredibly easy for our customers, as they can get a bespoke exhibition stand design here in the UK, but have it installed anywhere else! There is still only one UK contact, providing you with easy and stress-free exhibiting.

design bespoke exhibition stands

Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design

Design Concept